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Time to get to work

2016-11-29 21:32:46 by Noves

After months of inactivity for various reasons I've been parading around like valid excuses, I'm trying to get back into voice acting.  If I don't get the suggestions I'm asking for so I have ideas to practice, I guess you can look forward to me singing Christmas carols because I need to do anything so I get back into a routine of using my microphone instead of avoiding it.

S'been a while

2016-06-07 20:43:34 by Noves

Wow, so a bunch of you wonderful people that became a fan probably did so because of the fantastic NG 20th Anniversary Collab where I got to pretend to sound like Fernando the Man Whore.  First of all, thank you for being a fan.  Next, I've been out of voice acting for a while and have recently got back into it with the new game Ghost 1.0 as one of the hackers that tells you what to do, Jacker.

If you have any interest in Metroidvania-styled games then I recommend at least checking it out, not just for shameless self-promotion, but also because I am a narcisist and crave attention.  Seriously though, it's a polished, funny game that I'd rather you experience for yourself than listen to me blather on about it.

Also, I'm going to try and do more voice acting in general.  Whether practice and random fun projects to keep me sharp, or helping out this site's animators with them good voice sounds.  So leave a post/message me if you'd like me to audition for something, have a question/comment about Ghost 1.0, or just want to hear me do some idea you have.

New animation

2015-05-14 19:52:42 by Noves

I'm happy to say a project I voiced for, Iris, is now on Newgrounds.  Go check it out and leave a comment!

The Greenlight

2015-04-22 19:44:20 by Noves

Okay, so new job, moving, and a new recording space that still needs some work but it's getting the job done for now.  I'm happy to say that I did the voice work for a recent game that came up on Steam's Greenlight, Daemonical.  Here's the community page.

Aside from some shameless self-promotion, I'm asking you to vote for the game because the mechanics seem like they make for a good game and I'd like to see it in action.

I'm also gonna try and have some more random clips on here when I set up a better recording space, but if anyone wants me to try voicing something for them, just ask.

S'been a while

2014-11-22 19:40:49 by Noves

Been doing voice stuff outside of here, at least I've finally made a demo reel.  Feel free to listen to it and ask me to voice in a project, or listen to it and tell me I'm bad and I should feel bad.  Either way, go listen to it.

Getting Back Into Voice Acting

2014-03-09 14:50:53 by Noves

I've been way too lazy with voice acting recently, and want to get back into it by making a bunch of random clips for practice.  Feel Free to leave me suggestions if you'd like me to try something.

Finally made my own comedy clip

2013-04-07 19:41:10 by Noves

My first attempt at creating my own voice work is finished. Meet Guzy, a handyman that can't fix anything without breaking something else. Based loosely on an experience I've had working on my car with my father.


2013-02-05 16:27:52 by Noves

...feel sick. Make thing I said later.

A new series.

2013-02-02 00:07:08 by Noves

In an effort to showcase my voice acting. I'm planning on making a series of comedy skits about a repairman that can only fix something by breaking something else.


2012-06-02 23:20:42 by Noves

Here's to the first of a hopeful many! My first credit as a voice actor can be found here: That's my smooth, deep voice at the beginning. I'd like to thank arrianna2004 for letting me join in her project.

Send me a message if you'd like some of the same.